How to include static assets in an Elixir application

by Adam Davis

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def get_my_file_stream() do
  Application.app_dir(:my_app, "/priv/my_file.txt")

Diving deeper

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The legacy of OTP

The Elixir programming language is built on top of Erlang/OTP. If you don’t know about Erlang/OTP, check out this page from the Erlang FAQ.

Within Erlang/OTP applications, there is a standard directory structure, which looks like this:

─ ${application}
	├── doc
	│   ├── internal
	│   ├── examples
	│   └── src
	├── include
	├── priv
	├── src
	│   └── ${application}.app.src
	└── test

The proper directory for storing static assets in these applications is /priv, and Elixir inherits this structure.

If you’d like to see more details on Erlang/OTP applications, check out this page in the OTP Design Principles User’s Guide.

Leveraging the Erlang :code module

Although we used Application.app_dir above, that’s not the only way to get the file path.

Another approach would be to use the Erlang :code module, which you can call directly from your Elixir code (docs here).

The :code module has a function called priv_dir/1 which will return the path to the priv directory for the given application (docs here). Then, you can get the complete path for your file using Path.join/2.

def get_my_file_stream() do
  |> Path.join("my_file.txt")

Adam Davis

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