How does this site work?

Table of contents:

What’s the tech?

This site was build using the static site generator hugo with the amperage theme. I’ve also applied some of my own custom styling on top of the theme (more on that in a future post).

I’m hosting the site with an AWS S3 bucket, along with some help from Cloudfront content delivery and Route 53 routing. To get these technologies setup, I followed some advice in this blog post by Tom Geraghty.

Why these particular technologies?

I chose this setup because it allows me to focus on content over code and infrastructure. I write posts in markdown, and with a few terminal commands my site is generated and deployed on servers in several geographic regions. I’m also working toward my AWS Certified Developer - Associate certification, so using AWS technologies for this site allows me to get some more hands-on learning experience.

Looking to the future

As I continue building out this blog, I will update this post with more details, as well as with instructions on how to replicate some of my features.

I also plan on improving the current setup by adding a CI pipeline, so I’ll be writing about that once I have everything in order.

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